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Fishing Report 29/dec/2017

Por irene
Loreto Baja California Sur

The month of December has been a very slow one given that most days of the week were windy from 11 to 15 knots. Usually, the wind picking up its force in the late afternoon. Ordinary days started with winds of 8 to 11 knots, mostly picking up after 10 AM (but no more than 13 knots). During the week of December 11th to the 17th, there were two days where the wind was from 13-23 knots. A couple of days after came beautiful days with hardly any wind (0-6 knots) and were great for fishing.

Then again, the week after, two more days were similar with strong winds. Like always, however, at least three to four days were great for fishing after that. It was during these great days (and a few windy ones) when our captains were able to catch Yellowtails, Snappers, Seabass, Triggerfish, Sierras, Bonita fish, and one or two Dorados and Roosterfish. The water temperature was from 66° to 78°F. The captures were caught around Punta Colorada, Punta Lobo, and heading out to San Bruno toward the North and Northeast. The bait utilized was live and mostly Sardine, but a few Mackerel as well.



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